Our Service To Schools


  • Experience with IB, British and American Curriculums

  • Knowledge of the UAE Educational Entities, MOE, ADEK and KHDA

  • Providing a cost effective way to attract top educators to schools

  • Helping schools to enhance their brand and reputation by hiring executive level educators, curriculum development managers and education directors.

  • We utilise our wide-ranging database of international teachers helping schools source ideal candidates for the positions that need filled.

  • We screen all of our candidates prior to their interview to ensure each candidate is suitable for the position being filled

  • Schools are only required to pay once the teacher has completed one month into their new role.

  • We ensure that all successful candidates settle in by organising social events.

Our Service To Tech Companies

Across all of our specialist sector teams, we have made finding tech and innovation talent our mission. In every sector, and whether in the public or private sector, clients around the world know that we go further to find the tech talent you need.

So many clients love our different approach that today we’re a 20 strong global team, representing industry-leading expertise and knowledge, with potential for even more. We’ll achieve that potential by continuing to meet the demands and exceed the expectations of every one of our clients. It’s a different approach, but one that works for everyone.