International Recruitment Fair

In February 2019, International Teaching Fairs took place in London, Dublin and Dubai targeted towards newly qualified and experienced teachers alike. This was a great opportunity for Yalla Recruitment to meet teachers on a face to face level. Teachers seeking new jobs were also able to interact with schools on a more relaxed basis. International schools of all kinds including British, American and IB attended. Selective Teachers were there first hand to assist teachers to find the correct fit to their needs.

Below is some feedback from a successful candidate.

Which Fair did you attend? 

I came to the Dubai event after being told about it by a friend. It was actually the first recruitment fair I’ve ever been to.

How did you find the organisation and structure of the Fair itself?

Very good! As far as I could see everything ran like clockwork and was very well organized. After initial sign-in, coffee was provided before heading into the main ballroom at 9am to see the attending schools. This was a really efficient way of getting to meet and greet with a variety of institutions and learn a little bit about them. I managed to set up four interviews from the Open Ballroom session.

How many offers did you receive? 

Of the four interviews I had, I received three offers which I was very pleased with.

How was the support from the Selective Teachers staff at the Fair?

Helpful and knowledgeable. They were on hand to provide useful pointers and suggestions and were very honest about the schools and what to expect.

What was the best thing about the Fair? Where could we improve?

The structure of the second day was well organised and the Open Ballroom session was a convenient way to see all the schools quickly. It also gave you a chance to learn a bit about each one before deciding to proceed further to interview. I didn't, however, have a chance to attend any PD workshops over the weekend. I was interviewing most of Saturday and unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take the Sunday off work, but I heard from other candidates that they were worthwhile.


Would you come again?

Yes, and I would definitely recommend it to friends and colleagues.

How would you rate the post-fair follow up?

It was good. Once I decided on the position I wanted, my designated consultant helped me with the contract negotiations and final sign off. I managed to secure a great new position which was an upward career move for me and I am really happy in my new school.